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January 30, 2018

In captivity, many parrots are missing out on the fundamental skills that the parents would teach them. In the wild parrots or flock species in captivity, we keep them in a cage in most cases all by themselves and we make humans their flock in the wild they would stay together 24 hours a day seven days a week because there is safety in numbers. Humans don't have that kind of time and availability to spend with the birds, most of these birds are being hand fed and hand raised by humans so to think that you can take these birds and just set them free they don't have the skill sets in which to survive and most of their flocks in the wild will never accept them because they won't be recognized as part of that flock.
In captivity, parrots are the only companion animal that you must mutilate to keep you have to clip its wings otherwise it will fly away. You get a lot of feather puckers in captivity self-mutilators on average a captive bird goes through 7 to 11 homes in a lifetime with lifespan of upwards to eighty to a hundred years the likelihood of that bird outliving you is very high so to think that they will get to spend their entire lives in that home is unheard of just like puppy mills. There are parallels these are mass breeders of the parrots to help supply the demand for pet stores that are out there breeding conditions are typically a breeding box. 
If they're lucky a perch and food and water and they're the only lot in life is to make babies and with the lifespan of these guys for that to be all. You can feed entire life is very sad the biggest automation that seems to be out there is how much these guys are worth when you're looking at commercial breeding and things like that for birds it is money motivated. It is not about the fact that these guys are living beings but it's about the money they can bring in for the individuals giving them a quality of life and as much freedom and choice as possible is the only real option we have one of the easiest ways to be part of the solution is to add.