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Life span: 12 – 16 years

Temperament: Affectionate, Energetic, Curious, Alert, Intelligent, Playful

Weight: Male: 10–12 kg, Female: 9–11 kg

Height: Male: 41–43 cm, Female: 38–41 cm

Colors: Brindle, Black, Tri-color, Black & White, Tan, Red

The history of this breed starts in central Africa more than 5,000 years ago. Basenji dogs have many unique features making them impossible to confuse with other dogs first they can't bark em for real this dog can bark at least in the conventional sense of the word instead of barking the Basenji makes characteristic yoda-like sounds but you can only hear them when the dog is excited second when the dog puts his ears together it is funny winkles on its forehead just like a human and the last feature is that tightly curled tail this may seem surprising but Basenji dogs don't have the unpleasant odor that all the other dogs have sometime after bathing often you can see this dog washing itself like cats do and the purse engies coat is considered to be hypoallergenic it's worth mentioning that a litter of purse ng is very small on average only four to five puppies are born other dog breeds can give birth to up to 15 puppies at a time maybe this is the reason for their rarity.

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