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March 7, 2018

Cockatoo are great pets they're larger birds and probably the most social bird that we see they're very interactive, love to snuggle with their owners they're one of the most popular birds because they provide so much back to their owners. They're very sweet and cuddly and they're kind of like the puppy dog of the bird world at the same time. All this love and attention brings some problems. Unfortunately, we do see quite a few behavioral problems in these birds. 

Few one of the biggest problems:

We think that people realize the most with their cockatoo is they cuddle with their cockatoo for a couple of hours and they put the cockatoo back in the cage to go to bed or to rest and the cockatoo immediately starts to scream to resume said attention and unfortunately people's first reaction is to run back to quiet the cockatoo and it's unfortunately reinforces the screaming and will perpetuate the issue and what people really need to learn how to do is to ignore it. The bird starts screaming walk away once the bird quiets and you can come back and handle the bird and reinforce the quiet and that can really help with those behavioral issues.
If you're going to have a cog to realize that this bird is very bonded to you, you have to be very careful that you're not accidentally reinforcing that screaming behavior that develops again. It's human nature to run to the cage and say stop screaming shut up stop and that just makes the bird want to do it more. We want to cuddle them but we don't want to give them mixed messages that maybe we want to bond with them in an appropriate way, a sexual way it's going to be very frustrating to birds so it's nice to have a cock - they're great birds they require fresh fruit and vegetables every day and a base balanced diet they require showering because they're very powdery birds. They have powdered down which is that sort of powdery stuff that comes off their feathers so they do require bathing every day. They require fresh air and sunlight and all the things that we recommend for our other bird species but because they're so socially needy they have a special kind of relationship with their owners that you really have to watch so that we don't get into those behavioral problems.