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fantail pigeons

Fantail Pigeon


The Fantail is a popular breed of fancy pigeon. It is characterised by a fan shaped tail composed of 30 to 40 feathers, abnormally more than most members of the pigeon family, which usually have 12 to 14 feathers. The breed is thought to have originated in India, China or Spain.



Sub types:

There are several subvarieties, such as the English Fantail, the Indian Fantal, and the Thai Fantail. Charles Darwin .


There is a feather mutation called Silky that gives an interesting lace effect to a Fantails tail feathers. Fantails with this mutation are known as Silky or Lace Fantails.


One needs to take that the fantail pigeon is supplied with fresh chemical free water at least twice a day. The water tends to get mucky easily. A healthy diet for this pigeon includes quality pigeon mix from a reputed store. Grains when mixed with the pigeon mix work wonders in their diet. Only thing that shall be ensured when mixing grains in the pigeon mix is that the bugs should not have infested the thing.

Other names:

Fantails are often used by pigeon flyers in the training of racing pigeons and Tipplers.


They should be introduced to very spacious and flat perches so that at any point of time stretch their wings and still there shall be enough space for them to move about. Moreover, the perches must be cleaned on regular basis so that the pet keeps healthy. It would be a great option to just set them free in an empty room once in a while.

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