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Why animal testing is necessary
March 12, 2018
Q. Why is it necessary to test potential medicines on animals? Do medical research to save human lives and to prevent people suffering a small but vital part of that involves the use of animals.
16 Amazing Fox Species
February 1, 2018
1) Foxy Loxy: Unlike in the movie Chicken Little, this little fox is not the antagonist at all but rather the red fox species is the largest of the true foxes and also the most diverse fox species. They feed on rabbits, rodents, and birds but will even eat vegetables frogs and worms.
10 reasons why cats are better than dogs
January 11, 2018
There is nothing quite like a purring cat to put the mind at ease in the hustle and bustle of 21st-century living unless of course you count watching a sleepily cat not off while cat haters label them as being aloof. Lots of cats enjoy being underfoot when their owners are home or nodding off on ...