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Devon Rex

Description: This is a small and pixie-like cat. Females may weigh as little as 6 to 8 pounds, and males 8 to 9 pounds. The body is stockier than the Cornish Rex. The head is of wedge shape. A clear stop visible between the large eyes. The ears are quite large. The coat is less wavy than the Cornish Rex. It is soft and fine. Accepted colours are white, cream and blue; patterned coats also are accepted.


Pixie like in appearance, the Devon Rex is a small to medium sized cat.  It's body is muscular, with hind legs longer than the forelegs.  It has  modified wedge shaped head with large eyes, broad cheekbones, strong chin & a short muzzle. The ears large and low set.The coat is short, soft & curly . It contains all three types of hair guard , awn and down. Whiskers and eyebrows are short and crinkled.

Available colours:


The Devon Rex comes in all colours. A few examples of which are following

Blue Bi-Colour

Seal Mink & White

Seal Point


10 - 15 years


The coat is short, soft and curly. It contains all three types of hair guard, awn and down. Whiskers and eyebrows are short and crinkled.

DevonRex Temperament:

The Devon rex is an intelligent, mischievous and active breed of cat. While they are a very busy breed they also thrive on human companionship and love to be close to their owners. They enjoy sitting on your lap, snuggling up with you in bed and even riding on your shoulder.


 Devon Rex are alert and active, and shows a lively interest in their surroundings.  They love to be with their humans and enjoy playing fetch or other games. They are also extremely agile cats with an inquisitive nature and will explore every corner of their homes.

Devons Rex like dogs follow their humans from room to room inviting themselves along for every activity preferably perched on a shoulder lap or wherever they can be closest to their people. Never wishing to leftout of any activity, Devon Rex owners find the breed very intelligent obsessively affectionate, loyal and fun loving.


The Devon Rex is a low maintenance, wash and wear companion! Occasionally the Devon Rex's large ears require cleaning, but otherwise a quick shampoo and towel dry and a nail trim is all the grooming most Devon Rex require.


Special requirements:

Devon Rexes can produce more ear wax than other breeds which may require cleaning. Their coats are more prone to picking up dirt so bathing may be needed.

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