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Afghan hound

Afghan Hound


           The Afghan Hound is considered an aristocratic sighthound. Tall and slender with a long, narrow, refined head, silky topknot and powerful jaws. The back part of the head and skull is quite prominent. The muzzle is slightly convex. The nose is black. The Afgan has little or no stop that is the transition area from backskull to muzzle. The teeth  meet in a level or scissors bite. The dark eyes are almond shaped. The ears lie flat to the head. The neck is long and strong.  The front legs are strong and straight and the feet are large and covered with long hair. The tail has a curl or ring at the tip.. The long, rich, silky coat is most often the color of sand with a darker face and ear fringes, though all colors are permitted. White markings, however, are discouraged.       

Region of Origin: Afghanistan

Physical Characteristics

Size: males: 26-28 inches and females: 24-26 inches

Coat: Thick, silky, fine-textured hair completely covering everything but the head, front, underbelly, and feet. The ears and feet have more feathery fur.

Color: any color, except for a characteristic white "blaze" on the chest.

Eyes: almond shaped, dark.

Ears: long.

Skull: even.

Nose: black

Life span:  About 15 years


Tall  and noble, the Afghan Hound is often called “The Aristocrat” . Though Afghans appear aloof , they are actually quite playful and clownish. They love running through yards and playing with their family and  enjoy quietly lounging around the house.

Activity Requirements:

Afghan Hounds require a lot of exercise. Long and lean.They need plenty of time a day to run and jump. Long walks are also beneficial for their health and muscle tone. This tall animal should not be kept in an apartment, as this space is simply too confining.




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