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Australian Budgies


Budgies are often called Parakeets which means any parrot with long tail. Budgies are social animals and enjoy the company of other budgies and humans; they are also very intelligent animals.Budgies are usually found in a wide range of areas in the dryer interior of Australia, but they can also be found in the semi arid and sub humid parts. There are some seasonal movements for budgies though, where they can head northward during the winter. 

Origin: Australia.


Always feed your budgie fresh quality seed and waterwhich is replaced daily. Your budgie should be given a piece of Cuttlebone which will help file its beak and provide calcium . Budgies will also eat Millet Sprays and Seedbells as well as some vegetables and fruits.


Life span: A Budgie’s life expectancy is quite varied; on average it seems to be around 4-9 years, however some can live up to15 years, and some have quite short lives.

Determination of sex:Sex can be determined by the colour of the budgie’s cere. Males usually have a light to dark blue cere. The females can be recognized by their beige/whiteish ceres.


Size:Size on average is 18-20cm, weighing around 20-40g. Interestingly, budgies that are bred in captivity are usually slightly larger than those born in the wild.With the domestication of the budgie there have spawned at least 32 different primary colour mutations, this allows for hundreds of possible secondary mutations and colour varieties.


Breeding:Breeding season can take place at any time of the year, with couples capable of having multiple clutches (each clutch containing 4-8 eggs).

Breeding cage:Make sure you have a good breeding cage set up which offers your budgies plenty of entertainment as well as giving them a good diet complete with fresh greens.  It is very important to have a piece of cuttlebone and also a mineral block in the breeding cage. Diet can be a big factor in successful budgie breeding so it’s worth having a good set up. Ideally your nesting box will be positioned next to the cage.



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