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January 29, 2018

In this article, we will be giving you 6 tips to make your budgie happy.

1) Climate 

You have to make sure the climate can no way affect your budgie's health, for instance, if it's a harsh climate you can no way possibly keep your budgie's cage outside the house whereas you want to keep their cage inside your house summer in humid temperature so that they can have warm night to sleep. As you know that's how they can just deal with the winter whereas on the other hand if it's summer they're just going to be desperate to take a shower. You have to make sure that you don't put your budgie's cage somewhere in the sunlight. Of course, sunlight is needed for your budgies but you should put the birdcage somewhere in a very hot place you might get a heat cancer. One evidence you can sure about that budgie they're just going to breed like you can know that the budgies actually you know breeding very much they're trying to increase decrease their body. You just want to give some water and just put it somewhere above to that but you can just come close to it. The budgies just love the shower so make sure to put enough water on the bird plate so that the budgies can just take a shower and just chill with summer.

2) Satisfying your bird's hunger.

You just cannot get bird seeds and water every single day, your birds will need some tasty food. The bird really loves carrots so give like a slice of carrot. You can also give them boiled eggs so you would want to give nutrition foods as well they're good for your budgies and your budgets are also going to have it in a great way they're going to like it a lot because it's tasty so you just want to give at least one tasty food every single day so that the budgies have no doubts about their food. 

3) Spend time with your budgie. 

You will have to spend time with your bird, suppose if you just have one parakeet it's just going to be so alone especially when you're going to go off to work or to job university break, it's just going to stay alone with no one to talk with no one to spend time with no one to interact with. You know it's different from the case when you're having several parakeets when there are several prior kids they can communicate with each other interact with each other. If you have one bird you should spend more time with it.

4) Breeding your Budgie. 

If you breed your budgies it will make them happy. They're going to start a new family without tears and lay eggs. The birds will go to be busy incubating her eggs you know for 2/3 of the month or proximately and then the father but you have to you know it would take a lot of food and if you go to the mother because she's going to be very busy inside the breeding box she'll just very rarely come out of the breeding box that's why the father has a lot of duties even after the egg hatches. When the babies hatch the father still has to resume that duty because the mother is still going to stay inside the breeding box she's going to take care of the babies she won't come out of the breeding box that's how the father comes and you know it takes the food and it feeds it to his baby and mother. And all these processes and everything that's how the strong relationships and bonds create between them that's how the birds will be very happy

5) Keep them away from stress and annoyance

If you do have other pets such as cats or dogs you just want to make sure you keep them away from the birds because they're disturbing to the budgies and also if you do have some construction outside the house those could be a bit disturbing to the budgie and their happiness coming to the last point.

6) Give your buggies birthday toys.

Birthdays are such an exhilarating machine for the birds. Budgies just love the bird toys we give them. You want to make sure you change it after two to four weeks or maybe a month or so because you don't want to keep the same birthday and just you don't want to bore the budget so they'll just get bored if they just stay with the same story same - it doesn't matter how exciting it is.