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March 7, 2018

Parakeets and budgies are basically the same things usually in the United States it is referred to as parakeets and in the UK they refer to as budgies however there is a little bit of difference between the two whereas but you seem to be like a little bit bigger and this probably happened from breeding. These small birds are parrots but they are considered one of the more easy parrots to take care of. However they are still very intelligent and can be very demanding, they are social animals that need a lot of simulation however they are animals that often suffer from neglect and abuse because they are considered cheap animals. So parakeets are often very cheap to buy they still need the same care requirement that all parrots need these guys are actually great talkers and they can learn a lot of shoes and whistles and words however they can be very difficult to tame so if you want a parakeet that you're going to interact with you're better off getting a parity that has been handset or hand raised if it has not been handset or has raised it is going to be very shy and if it takes a lot of patience and a lot of time to tame them. So if they are not hand raised or hand fed they're pretty much just going to be for viewing like parakeets. Parakeets are very social animals and they should never be kept alone so if you're planning on getting a parakeet make sure that you can get at least two if you cannot get two parakeets you need to choose a different type of pet and if you have a parakeet already and it does not how to cage you then you need to go out and get a friend for your parakeet. So under no circumstances should a parakeet be alone there is just no excuse to have a parakeet by itself and they're actually really easy to introduce to each other. Parakeets come in so many different colors and patterns they're just beautiful first to have in your home males and females can be kept. If you do have a male and female together you shouldn't provide nesting material for them because they do produce babies very easily now if you're thinking that you want to breathe Cherokee's instead what you should do is go out and rock parakeets that need homes. There are already too many parakeets being bred spot and offended to meet more flavors out there so if she's really not a good idea to want to breed these sorts there are tons of them out there that you can draw so breeding for profit or for a hobby is just not a good idea. 
Some people have reported is that if you use a mirror in cage parakeets become aggressive and territorial after getting the mirror but if you have any problems with your parakeet after getting in the mirror it's really simple you just take the mirror out of the cage. Take the mirror away from them. You should also provide a mineral block and a cuddle bone inside of your parakeet’s cage this provides them with calcium and also a way for them to trim their beak naturally as they'll use it as they need to. You should provide different types of perches inside of your parakeet’s cage now this can be different types as in size and texture. Now this is another thing that is controversial and a lot of people will tell you that rope perches will harm parakeets or just any type of parrot but the instruments is that once the rope has started getting worn and the little stream start coming off then it becomes dangerous but at that point you need to throw it away so as long as you are keeping them nice, cleaning them throwing them out when they're worn then you won't have any problems using growth perches you can also get perches that trim two parakeets nails naturally now this will have a sandy texture and you just want to make sure that it's not shiny that it doesn't reflect light because there are some perches for birds that you have glass in them and those ones you want to avoid those can actually really dangerous. Repair it so when you're getting one of those perches it does have a sandy surface but just make sure that it doesn't reflect light that's not shiny and those ones are shaky so those are just a few things that you do need for your parakeets' cage. Just remember though any time you put a parakeet in a new cage or put new items into their cage they're probably going to be terrified of them for a while so they won't want to go anywhere near their toys they won't use the cuttlebone and that's perfectly normal. It takes them a while to adjust to something new and to not be afraid of it. It's totally normal for it to be about two weeks before they are sure that the toy is not going to try to eat them. 
It's really common for people to only provide their parakeets with seeds but seeds should only make up about 40% of the parakeets diet and the other 60% of their diet should be fresh food chopped is a really great way to make sure that your parrots are getting a healthy and balanced diet so about once a week you should make a bowl of chopped vegetables and fruits.