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January 28, 2018

In this article, we will show you six different cockatiel behaviors and tell you what they mean.

  1.  First behavior all go over is showing off or displaying these kinds of behaviors are their way of showing off for a female kind of like. Male cockatiels will usually make their wings into this heart shape to make them sort of more macho looking. Birds may also display their wings and sometimes the females will lean forward on a perch and spread their wings or tail feathers as a way of claiming their nesting area.
  2.  Second behavior is something your bird might do if he wants a head scratch from you or from another bird, it will come closer and bow their head down to you. This is a very good thing because it means that your cockatiel trusts you or the other birds that it lives with and that they want affection. 
  3. Third behavior is aggression, sometimes your bird will get defensive of their cage or of their food usually they will lunge toward you or the other bird with an open beak. If you see this behavior from your bird it's probably best to let him be until he's not feeling defensive anymore.
  4. Fourth behavior is interest or curiosity sometimes bird tends to be shy and his/her curiosity is usually what brings her out of her shell so when your cockatiel is interested in something the crest or those feathers on top of their head will raise up taller, the bird will also lean forward and tilt her head a lot toward what she's looking at usually when they're eating the crest will go down.
  5.  Fifth behavior we'll talk about preening and bathing birds, the preening gland is located on their back and this is where they get that substance to help clean their feathers and make them more water-resistant. They'll fluff up their feathers and use their beak to run through their feathers when you give them a bath with a spray bottle they'll also spread their wings and turn from side to side and that means they're enjoying the water okay.
  6. Sixth behavior is content or relaxed or what we usually call cozy mode, this means your bird is ready to relax or go to sleep they will make themselves fluffy to hold in warmth close their eyes and maybe even tuck one foot up under their feathers or turn their head around and rest it on their backs. Another thing cockatiels will do they'll make this grinding sound while they move their beak but it's nothing to worry about it just means they are relaxed and very happy with you.