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January 16, 2018

Cat fur is attracted only to things of a contrasting color, Regardless of the color of the cat.

1) The law of sleeping beside a cat:

Cats must sleep in their owners" beds as often as possible, preferably in pose that's comfortable for them and not for anyone else.

2) The law of the misshapen rug:

No rug can remain in its original flat state for any lengthy period of time.

3) The law of observing the refrigerator:

If a cat stares intently at the refrigerator for long enough, someone will come and provide something testy from it for the cat(And for no one else).

4) The law of feline resistance:

The resistance shown by a cat is directly proportional to the desire of their owner to desire of their owner to force them to do something.

5) The law on cleanliness:

The desire to get dirty appears straight after being cleaned.

6) The law of endless milk consumption:

A cat can drink any quantity of milk, even if that quantity is several times larger than the volume of the cat itself.

7) The law on defining value:

The desire of a cat to scratch furniture is directly proportional to the furniture's value.

8) The law of feline intertie:

A cat will remain in its deferred state of rest until it decides otherwise, regardless of laws of physics.

9) The law of feline extension:

A cat's body stretches at a rate directly proportional to the time it spends asleep.

10) The Law of feline agility:

Given the right amount of time, a cat will be able to reach any area of your home that attracts its interest.

11) The law on moving house:

The likelihood of an empty box soon being occupied by a cat when moving house is approximately 100%.

12) The law on feline curiosity:

A cat's interest is indirectly proportional to the amount of effort a person put into attracting its attention.

13) The law of feline physics:

The possibility of being made to take any kind of medicine is sufficient to provide a cat with enough energy to overcome the known laws of physics and carry out teleportation.

14) The law of the feline gaze:

A cat can induce feelings of guilt in others with a single stare. Even when the cat itself is at fault. In fact, especially when the cat itself is at fault.