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January 19, 2018

Wanting to cats adoption or kitten, but not sure where to start or what to expect?

Well, we're here to explain about everything you need to think about and do before, during, and after a cats adoption in order to have a great experience for you and to provide a great home for your new pet.
Research is a vital part of cats adoption, so we encourage prospective adopters to make several visits to their local animal organizations during the process. Utilize their websites so you can clearly understand the needs of your prospective pet before making this important decision. Before heading to the shelter, you'll want to identify which cat breed would best fit your lifestyle. Fewer than 10% of the world's cats, both in and out of shelters are purebred. The majority common house cats have charmed their way into becoming the number one most popular pet in the world. Before heading to the shelter, there are a couple of final considerations for you and your family. If you are a full time working household, it is recommended that you pass up kittens and adolescents, cats less than 18 months old, in favor of a more low key adult whose energy needs will be easier to meet. If you're a novice cat owner, think twice about excessive cats. Excessively shy, aggressive, or demanding, for they may provide too great of a challenge for your first experience.

7 Reasons to Adopt Kittens in Pairs:

1) You save two animals instead of one.
2) Kittens teach each other proper social skills.
3) The cost isn't double. Many places offer a discount on the 2nd kitten. Kittens share a carrier, furniture, toys, etc.
4) Two kittens will entertain each other. This can minimize potential behavioral problems. Kittens are active at night.
5) Two kittens will entertain you more than one.
6) It’s a well-known fact that there is nothing cuter than two kittens napping together.
7) And, of course, you get twice the love.