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January 11, 2018

1) They provide quiet, comforting companionship

There is nothing quite like a purring cat to put the mind at ease in the hustle and bustle of 21st-century living unless of course you count watching a sleepily cat not off while cat haters label them as being aloof. Lots of cats enjoy being underfoot when their owners are home or nodding off on the keyboard when they're trying to work. Ever underestimate a cat's loyalty either while dogs bond with the whole family, cats usually see the one person with whom they can strike a bond with and will always make sure that they're in a good group.

2) Dogs have a certain… smell

It really is quite unmistakable and it gets much worse as the breed of dog gets larger, there is no amount of bathing, grooming or scented shampoos that can mask that dog smell. That's, on the other hand, may just give you a whiff of fish breath every now and then but least they won't lend their fragrance to the entire apartment.

3) They won’t slobber all over you

It's really sweet when dogs get excited and attempt to lick you, it's also extremely gross to have kibble scented spit all over your face. If cats do decide to lick you it's usually splendidly spit-free and quite comforting like dipping into a warm bath after a long day.

4) Some cats will talk to you

Some cats will talk to you that's only meow when attempting to communicate with humans not with each other there are some breeds that can hold entire conversations with human and as cats can make up to 200 different sounds each meow can mean something different so it's not entirely weird to ask your cat for little advice from time to time.

5) Cats treat their toys with a little more consideration

Unless you've absolutely coated snowballs fluffy toy and catnip you are going to find it tore to shreds the next thing we're gone play with plastic chew toys as a means of exercising powerful jaws. Cats generally play for exercise mental stimulation honing in on their hunting skills and to entertain you.

6) If you forget to feed your cat, it will remind you

If you forget to feed your cat it will remind you not only that but if you forget to set your alarm or just sleep through it soft pause on your face will remind you not to get off-track, unlike dogs who are too polite to interrupt your sleep. That’s understood that there are things that must be done.

7) They bring you little gifts

Cat owners are known for Canadian to their cats every whim and who can blame them and for their part cats know just how to thank their human companions for their devoted service with little gift of debt mice and lifeless cricket sometimes the cat might even bring you its favorite toy just remember to always check your slippers before putting them.

8) They take care of their own mess

Unlike scheduled bathroom walks that you have to take your dog on with a plastic bag and hand sanitizer in tow, cats do it themselves and fertilize their own garden while they're at it if your cats don't go out you may have to scoop some poop out of a tray and into the trash once a day but at least there won't be any accident handles on the carpet while you're out.

9) Free pest control

Files moths and cricket stand no chance against the cats might little paw sure they might only bite the legs or wings of the insect and then leave them there to struggle but at least you won't have to brush any moths out of your hair as for rates and mice as long as you are in housing Garfield believe your house cat considered them gone to.

10) They generally cost less

They generally costs less besides being a lot smaller and needing to eat less than larger dog breeds cats bath daily and don't need weekly trips to the grooming parlor in fact most animal health care providers recommend that you never bathe cats that can strip them of essential oils and dry out their coats longer hair camp can be brushed at home to deal with any shedding or matting that may occur.