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Italy, possibly from the time of ancient Rome


The Runt is a large and heavy bird. They have been known to weigh more than tree pounds, and in 1906, the American Runt Club weighed one at exactly four pounds.

Their average length is in the neighborhood of 20 inches, with a 40-inch wingspan. Although size is important in breeding Giant Runts, general type is more important. The overall impression is a broad, massive pigeon, standing with legs spread well apart, rather like a weightlifter.

Color:The breed comes in a variety of colors and markings, including red, yellow, silver, white, dun, black, blue bar, ash red in spread and bar, and blue and silver grizzle.


Vitamins should be provided in sufficient quantities in pigeon food. You can sprinkle some powdered vitamins on their food or water once a week. There are also commercial pigeon food products available in the market which contain seeds and other foods that give essential vitamins and nutrients to the birds.