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Rosa Burke

Rosa Bourke

 These would be one of the prettiest of the neophema mutations. The colour can vary from a deep & rich salmon pink with a clear pink crown and almost white cheeks to a dirty washed out pink with a dark brown crown and face. In the clear crowned bird the rump is pink and the primary and secondary flight feathers remaining as normal while in the dark crowned bird the rump can vary from shades of blue to green with the secondary flight feathers showing more cream and even touches of blue and green.
Sexing of the dark crowned bird is relatively simple as the hen tends to show less intensity in the pink and more dark colouring on the head and face. I have been successful in breeding a clear headed rosa ( pink headed ) that requires surgical sexing as there is no noticeable difference between the sexes. The more experienced breeder should be able to determine the sex of the mature bird by behaviour in the aviary. The cock does not show the blue brow.


The Bourkes parakeet has a sweet and gentle temperment.The bird makes a good pet for the experienced avian-lover.They are affectionate but not needy or clingy like some parrots.They are quite independent and can entertain themselves for long periods of time.They don’t need as much one-on-one attention as other larger parrots.They enjoy flying around in the evening and riding around on their human’s shoulders.However, unlike cockatiels, the Bourkes parakeet doesn’t care for cuddling or scritches.They rarely, if ever, bite.They will just nibble at your fingers or taste things with their tounge out of curiosity.Female and male Bourkes parrots are equally affectionate with their human friends.They will give you kisses and preen your hair and face.


A happy bourke’s parakeet has clean smooth feathers, bright clear eyes, and is alert and active.

Bourke Parakeet claws

Keep your bourke parakeet’s claws trimmed.If you are unsure how to do this  have your avian vet do it. Better safe than sorry and risk damaging your bird’s toes.


bourke’s parakeets LOVE toys! Anything shreddy or chewable is destroyed.
Look for parrot toys covered with chewable/shredable papers or bark, piatas, crumpled paper toys, soft balsa wood toys, swings, ladders.

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