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yorkshire terrier

Vorkshire terrier:


The Yorkshire Terrier is a small  toy sized dog. The small head is rather flat on the top, with a medium sized muzzle. The nose is black. The medium sized eyes are dark with dark eye rims. The erect ears are V-shaped. All four legs are straight when viewed from the front. Dewclaws are usually removed. The tail is customarily docked to a medium length and carried somewhat higher than the back.The long glossy coat is fine and silky and falls straight down on either side. Coat colors come in a steal blue and tan color. The body and tail are blue and the rest of the dog is tan.

Height:  6-7 inches (15-17½cm.)
Weight:7 pounds (3.2kg.)

Life Span:

12 to 15 years


The personalities of individual Yorkshire Terriers depends a lot upon how they are raised. Some are more spirited and plucky like a terrier, while others are delicate .Yorkies are what usually comes to mind when someone says, “Purse Dog,” as well-to-do ladies have enjoyed carrying their Yorkie friends around in their handbags or under their arms for hundreds of years.. Owners say their Yorkies follow them from room to room like little shadows. They are excellent companions for the elderly who have the time to focus all of their energy on their dog, but can be just as happy in families of all sizes.


The Yorkshire Terrier is feisty, alert, inquisitive, energetic, determined, brave, bossy, scrappy and boisterous. But he can also be very sweet. He can be described as a little dog with a big personality. He's one of the most popular breeds in the Unite States. He craves close physical contact and affection.His prey-drive is high and he will chase any little creature that scurries by him. He gets along well with strangers but he can be aggressive with other dogs.


Regular grooming is needed. A clipped coat needs daily to weekly combing and brushing. Full show coats need hours of grooming and pet owners usually choose to clip them short giving them a shaggy look. They should have their teeth cleaned regularly.

Living Conditions:

The Yorkie is a good dog for apartment life. They are active indoors and will do okay without yard. The Yorkie is sensitive to the cold and prefers warm climate.


Yorkies are moderately easy to train. They are terriers and that means they have a stubborn, independent streak. Begin training early when your puppy is amenable to the process, and always conduct sessions with lots of praise and treats.



Yorkshire Terrierswere bred in 19th century England from a mixture of Scottish Terriers, Clydesdale, Skye, Paisley and Waterside Terriers; and were used by miners near Yorkshire to catch rats that had infested the mines. They also came in handy as hunting dogs, able to chase foxes, badgers and other small animals into their burrows.

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